BAS Rep. Program


Back row: Paula Tavares (Head Coach), Jennifer Brock, Harwant Grewal, Meghan Carter, Kimberly Beckles, Rupy Mundi, Norman Ficker (Asst. Coach) and Mario Perrotta (Asst. Coach)
Middle row: Anna Matwijec (Manager), Emilee Barrington, Danica Barnes, Alyssa Budhoo, Kim Lee, Jayme Wright, Cristina Moonah and Liz Figueira
Front row: Jessica Fletcher and Cristina Fernandes (Keeper)
Absent Players: Jasjit Birk, Kim Mizener, Christine Travassos and Raquel Alto

Brampton Adult Soccer has been maintaining an Adult Rep. Program since 2012 that started out, initially as a single OWSL team. The success of that team saw to an expansion of the program which now maintains an OWSL team (women) and an OSL team (men) as well. Additionally, the BAS Rep Program is entering a women’s B-Team, to compliment and re-enforce the OWSL squad, that will be competing in the women’s top-tier in BAS.

If you are interested in learning more about our Rep Program please contact our Rep. Director. If you are interested in learning more, or perhaps trying out for our OWSL team, please contact our OWSL Management/Coaching team. Or, if you’d like to know more, or maybe trying out for our OSL team, please contact our OSL Management/Coaching team.



2013 League Cup Champions


…coming soon…