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Win A Free Pair Of DryFeet

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

DryFeet available from PerformanceGeek.caOur friends over at are giving away two prize packs to BAS members to help get them ready for the 2014 Outdoor season.  Each prize pack includes a pair of DryFeet from DryWorld Industries, 2 boxes of SOS Rehydrate, a bottle of ShroomTECH Sport and a bottle of Medistik Topical Pain Reliever.
All you have to do to win is follow PerformanceGeek on one of their social media accounts:

Once you’ve Liked/Followed at least 1 of the accounts listed above, simply post a message for using the hashtag #BASoutdoor2014.

The contest starts today, April 2nd 2014, and ends on April 30th, 2014.  Winners will be contacted and announced the first week of May, so ensure you continue to follow the social media account where you used the hashtag so that someone from can contact you for your size information and shipping details.  (We realize that not everyone uses their real name on social media networks, so we’ll need a way for you to tell us who you are and where to send the swag.)

Here’s a bit of additional information about the products you can win:

DRYFEET is an all-weather technical compression overshoe for soccer, rugby & football players that dramatically improves performance in adverse weather conditions. DryFeet keeps your feet dry when it’s wet, warm when it’s cold, gives you better kicking control in wet weather, increases foot proprioception (touch and feel) and protects your soccer cleats, making them last longer.
(Winners get 1 pair, in their size. Value $109.00)

free_sos_rehydrate_from_performancegeekSOS Rehydrate is a cutting edge rehydration drink mix. Add 1 pouch to 500ml (1 bottle) of water and drink. Staying hydrated improves performance and maintains higher energy levels. SOS Rehydrate is available in 2 flavors, Citrus and Blueberry and each box contains 5 pouches. Consuming 1 pouch per a half of soccer is more than sufficient to fend off even the worst heat and excertion.
(Winners get 2 boxes, one of each flavour. Value $11.49/bx)

onnit_canada_shroomtech_sportShroomTECH Sport is a clean energy producing vitamin that increase cellular level ATP Energy, giving you the energy you need, when you need it. ShroomTECH Sport is not a stimulant, it’s a specially formulated vitamin combination of cordyceps sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants and methyl B-12. Energy drinks and other stimulants don’t actually give you energy, they just trick you into using up whatever you have by increasing your heart rate and giving you minor anxiety. ShroomTECH Sport doesn’t effect your current state and instead, assists your body in creating more energy when it’s needed. The perfect addition to anyone’s game if what you’re looking for is a full 90 minutes.
(Winners get 1 bottle. Value: $26.99)

Medistik Spray - Topical Pain Relief for Soccer Players from PerformanceGeek.caMedistik is the world’s strongest, non-prescription, topical pain reliever. Best of all, it’s Canadian made. Medistik comes in three variations, a rub on stick, a spray bottle & it’s Ice formulation available in a liquid roll-on. The Medistik spray bottle is perfect for a soccer bag. Get a knock? Spray some on. Strain something a little? Spray some on. Cramping up? Spray some on.
(Winners get 1 spray bottle. Value: $21.99)

Follow online, message them with the hashtag #BASoutdoor2014 and you’ve got a chance at winning $180+ dollars worth of free gear that’s ideally suited for the outdoor soccer player looking to improve their performance.

Keep an Olympic Medal Count Easily

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Here’s an easy way for you to track the Olympic Medal Count if you’re not got the time or inclination to actually sit around all day searching Google for events or actually watching on the television.  It even plays a cool little clinking sound when one of the nations or your watch list wins another medal.

Medal Count Tracker

Click the image to jump over the the site.

What’s In A Crest?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

If you’re a premier league fan or a fan of the culture and artistry around football period, then you may want to check out this article/infographic at

I guess the level of importance you put on something like a club crest differs from person to person but I’ve always taken it VERY seriously.  Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.  Here’s another couple of snippets from the info graphic.  (I won’t publish the whole thing here because that wouldn’t be fair to the people that went through all the trouble to go and create it.)


We’re one month into fall and the Leafs are already on the ground

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Mikhail Grabovsky  takes aim with a tennis ball during a game of dodgeball.  Photo: David Cooper / Toronto Star

Mikhail Grabovsky takes aim with a tennis ball during a game of dodgeball. Photo: David Cooper / Toronto Star

Toronto fans I feel your pain, after a decent pre-season…you probably didn’t see this coming. Yes they have stumbled out of the gate, but isn’t it too early to be reaching for the panic button? Let’s examine…

Toronto is off to it’s worst start in franchise history, and Ron Wilson has already called more audibles than Peyton Manning. So far the head coach has used three different puck stoppers, changed up lines, sat some players, and his team still hasn’t cracked the egg in the win column.

The new look blue line was suppose to help lower last season’s NHL leading 286 goals against. Six games in and the team has allowed a league high 28 goals and is on pace to surrender a whopping 383 by season’s end.

Offensively, Toronto has hit the back of the net just 13 times, but help could be on the way in the next few weeks with the debut of Phil Kessel. His addition should help spark a somewhat anemic offense.

In net, Vesa Toskala’s play has led to more questions than a first date. Jonas Gustavsson is set to return next week vs. Vancouver and could become #1 in the crease sooner than expected.

Erase the usual slow starts, work on special teams and voila brighter days are ahead! After all things can only get better right?

Here’s my suggestion Leaf fans, take a deep breathe and exhale. Losing stinks, and it’s a frustrating start but if your boys can somehow turn it around and make the playoffs everyone will forget about the franchise futility to start the season. By the way, that’s a very big IF!!!

Article written by:
Jason Portuondo
BAS Member and Rogers Sportsnet Broadcaster