2010 Boxing Day Bonanza (LIVE BLOG)

2010 Boxing Day Bonanza Champions:
Women’s: Lady Lynx – MVP: Alyscha Mottershead
Men’s: Action – MVP: Lawrence Addo

LIVE BLOG: (Standings & Schedule are visible at the bottom of this page.)

6:31pm – That’s it folks, Action have won the tournament with a 2-1 penalty victory after a 2-2 regular and extra time draw…  Congratulations to Action on a hard fought victory.  FC Catalans played well and a few of their players left the field house looking crestfallen.

6:30pm – FC Catalans Matias DiMarco has his second penalty of the match saved by Lawrence Addo, but this time doesn’t have the luxury of hitting the rebound.  Goal.  2-1 to Action is the final.

6:29pm – Action’s #4, Jordan Wilson, beats Martire despite Martire getting a hand to the ball… 2-1

6:29pm – Nick Miodrag scores Catalans second penalty – 1-1.

6:28pm – Diego Gonzales scores Action’s first penalty against Sandro Martire.

6:27pm – Federico DiMarco takes Catalans the first penalty and Addo saves for Action.

6:27pm – Penalties….

6:25pm – Sandro Martire picks and holds an amazing strike from Diego Gonzales right out of the air as it looked to sail past him.  Brilliant save.

6:34pm – 30 seconds to go and Badunas is booked for a shirt tug.  His team is down a man for the last 24.5 seconds….

6:23pm – Just kicked off the final elimination round, still no goals though… …2 minutes left.

6:20pm – Nick Miodrag looks to have taken a hit to the head.  Clock’s been stopped… …looks like Miodrag is going to be fine.  Good news.

6:19pm – First 2 minutes gone and it’s still level.  An early Action strike results in a corner.

6:14pm – After a deadly Action giveaway Satvros Badunas get’s locked up in the  corner, almost squaring a ball perfectly weighted ball across the penalty spot.  Fortunately there was a defender there to cut the pass out.  That forced extra time.  Man-by-man elimination every two minutes until it’s 4 on 4.

6:11pm – Nick Miodrag forces Lawrence Addo into a dive even though the shot goes wide.  It was close though and impressive considering the distance and that he fired it in off of a spin.

6:09pm – Catching our breath now… well not really, as Action and Catalans continue to go end to end.

6:06pm – This is insane…. …almost an additional goal at either end.  & again another as Action’s Lawrence Addo saves from Federico DiMarco.  All this, 3 goals and 2 more attempts in 2 minutes.

6:05pm – Matias DiMarco LEVELS!   2-2 with a shot from 15 yards popped into the roof of the goal.  This is INTENSE.

6:04pm – Seconds later, Action blaze forward with Diego Gonzales scoring again.  2-1 Action.

6:04pm – Kwabe Boateng for Action draws it level with a cheeky goal slid in at Sandro Martire’s near (Catalans) post.

5:59pm – Nick Miodrag rushes back to help defend, robs the ball from Action’s #14 and works well with Mike Delutis to get himself a strike on goal – unfortunately his effort’s a bit high.

5:58pm – Half time – Catalans still lead 1-0 over Action.  The game got intense and chippy but seems to have settled down.  They’re level, relatively, in terms of possession but it looks as though Badunas creativity is the factor here.  Action’s speed on quick counter attacks however looks as though it may be a leveller as the game carries on and legs get weary.

5:54pm – The penalty for Catalans, taken by Matias DiMarco is saved, DiMarco scores the rebound.  FC Catalans now lead Action 1-0.

5:53 – While Action are turning the field into a shooting gallery, Badunas skins one and as his pass is cut off he pounces on the loose ball and is brought down for a penalty.

5:51pm – Diego Gonzales of Action  has a strike parried over the bar – a goal kick is awarded however as the official thought it came off the crossbar.  The attack actually resulted from a rare mistake by Nick Miodrag of Catalans.  Really not something you see from him all that often.

5:50pm – Not getting cell reception down here… …not pleased about this.  Although, I doubt any of you care.  But still…  what the hell am I paying Roger’s for?

5:47pm – With the penalty over and teams at even strenght, Catalans are starting to find their feet… …just as I type that though, Diego Gonzales has a strike on goal for Action.

5:44pm – Federico DiMarco is given an early yellow card after coming into a challenge late despite his team’s protestations.  Catalans to serve a 2 minute penalty with a man less.

5:43pm – FC Catalans kick off & almost immediately a goal from Badunas.  Lawrence Addo does well.

5:37pm – Lady Lynx are the 2010 Women’s Boxing Day Bonanza Champions.  Congratulations to them.

5:36pm – Alyscha Mottershead scores the game winner during 4-4 sudden death for Lady Lynx.  Lynx win 2-1!

5:35pm – Cristabel Oduro tries a long range pop from 15 yards and almost picks out the top corner.

5:34pm – Teams are now down to 4-4 – exchanging chances at either end…

5:27pm – 1-1 draw at full time between Mess and Lady Lynx – now on to sudden death elimination.

5:24pm – Always nice to see a thrilling and hard fought final.  Lynx keep pushing though.

5:23pm – Cristabel Oduro has been credited with the Lynx equalizer… …still a bit in awe at the quality of the goal.

5:19pm – HOLY CRAP!  Lady Lynx #22 turns Mess #9 inside and out on a long ball, holds her off for a 10 yard run and pops the ball into the top corner.  Possibly the best finish, regardless of gender, of the tournament.

5:15pm – Lynx are continually pressuring but now with Mess offering return strikes the other way.  It’s starting to look a bit like out-takes of a Lethal Weapon movie where they visit a gun range and Mel Gibson get’s all trigger happy and well…. …you get the point.

5:13pm – Tanyka Francique (Lady Lynx) once again rushes in alone on Buckland (Mess) but the keeper’s pressure is strong and she makes a poor decision.

5:12pm – Start of the second half & Mess are continuing their uncharacteristically loose play… …something’s got to give.

5:11pm – It’s half time and Mess still lead 1-0, however, Lady Lynx appear to be the team that are itching to get a goal and makes this even more of a contest than it already is.

5:08pm – Buckland (Mess’ Keeper) saves the penalty – a cracking shot but she caught it.  YES!  She CAUGHT IT!

5:08pm – Mess concede a penalty for a defender’s hand ball after their keeper once again stops a fast break.

5:05pm – Tenyka Francique is now hammering the Mess goal but can’t seem to solve the ultimate riddle – none of her shots go in.

5:04pm – Lynx are really pressing now, but Mess find a way to attack again with Lynx keeper doing well to spare their blushes.

5:03pm – Lynx AGAIN.  First a shot that slips out for a corner and then a post of the ensuing corner.

5:02pm – Only a minute later and Lynx are through again; once again their keeper does the job and shuts down the striker.

5:01pm – Lady Lynx have tried several long range pops but are either off target or lacking in power… …a mistake by the Mess defence however allowed Lynx #4 through on goal, Mess keeper however, stonewalls her.

4:59pm – Lady Lynx have a bad touch off an inbound ball, the resulting loose ball sent forward by Mess to Moscato who cannons a shot at the keeper.  The keeper parried the ball off the ceiling for a free kick.  Having the ball laid off to her, Moscato then rifled a ball in for the 1-0 go ahead goal.

4:56pm – It’s a tentative start to the match…  Finals tend to do that to team’s nerves.

4:55pm – Lynx kick off first to start the match.

4:53pm – Getting poor odds… …most predictions are for Mess to win.  (Note: No one’s actually gambling… ..it’s a recession you know.)

4:51pm – Trying to get good odds on the outcome of this match but no one seems to want me to take their money.

4:49pm – Women’s Final – Mess vs. Lady Lynx about to kick off.  Just watching Carmelina Moscato getting some final info from Mess’ coach.

4:27pm – Action win 3-0.  FC Catalans win 3-1.  Now we have our men’s finalists, FC Catalans will play Action at 5:45pm on field C.

4:26pm – Sour Patch pull one back with only seconds to go… …Catalans lead 3-1.

4:23pm – Diego Gonzales just netted his second of that match and Action look to be closing out Punjab Hurricanes as the score now sits at 3-0 with 4 minutes to go.  This 3rd Action goal was scored short-handed as they serve a 5 minute penalty for a sending off.

4:20pm – FC Catalans are making light work of their match with Sour Patch – currently leading 3-0 and owning the possession stats.

4:10pm – Stavros Badunas & Federico DiMarco have scored for the Catalans – that match also sits at 2-0 with about 15 minutes to go.

4:08pm – Action are currently leading 2-0.  It looks as though the fast breaks are going to be the determining factor in this game.

3:53pm – Lady Lynx hold on for the 2-1 win over Markham and advance to the finals.

3:50pm – Just two minutes left in the Lady Lynx v. Markham match-up – Lady Lynx still lead 2-1.

3:49pm – Shannon Lynn currently keeping the Rebels in the game by denying Carmelina Moscato on two consecutive chances. Score is still 1-0 for Mess.

3:44pm – Lady Lynx scored again – now leading Markham 2-1.  Mess are currently leading the Rebels 1-0.  Moscato continues to impress with simplistic yet commanding football.

3:38pm – Markham and Lady Lynx are tied 1-1 with 15 minutes to go…

3:24pm – Someone from Rovers is here complaining…   seems you should NEVER have to play a team more than once in a tournament.  Rules always seem stacked against you when you lose.

3:16pm – Punjab hold on and win 3-2.  Sour Patch lead the Rovers 2-0 with under 2 minutes to go… …Rovers’ keeper is already out of his goal and past half joining the attack.

3:15pm – 3-2!  Colts pull one back with a minute left!

3:14pm – Punjab Hurricanes are now 3-1 up over 100 Colts.

3:07pm – 100 Colts are self-destructing as they start to get overly physical.  With 8 minutes to go and only a goal down it’s not time to panic yet.  There’s still time to level out.

3:05pm – Manveer Brar nets again, this time off a penalty.  2-1 to Punjab Hurricanes.

3:03pm – Just as I finish typing – Punjab Hurricanes pull one back after a coast to coast run by Manveer Brar.  1-1.

3:02pm – Colts up 1-0 early in the Quarter-final on field D.  Keeper mistake leads to a rebounded tap in.

2:55pm – Markham are the confirmed winners with an apparent last minute free-kick winner… …shame I missed it.  Markham face the Lady Lynx and Rebels face Mess.  The Rebels/Mess match up should be interesting and they’ve both won previous BAS Easter or Boxing Day tournaments.

2:51pm – Rebels trounced Scarborough Azzurri 3-0 and advance – early reports to the front lobby are that Markham edged out GS United 1-0.  That result is yet to be confirmed.

2:27pm – Ladies matches are underway – but first we’ve got FC Catalans, Action, Rovers, Punjab Hurricanes, 100 Colts & Sour Patch advancing to the quarter finals.  Catalans and Action with a bye to the semis.

2:05pm – Rovers beat Punjab City 2-1.  100 Colts win 1-0 over Springdale FC.  So Catalans, Action & Rovers top their respective groups in that order.

2:04pm – Punjab Hurricanes are  very quickly 4-0 up over X-Juice despite them drafting in additional players for the final match.

1:59pm – Looks as though FC Catalans are shoe-ins for the top spot due to their goal differential.  Although, depending on how the Rovers do against Punjab City, there is a remote possibility that could change… should Rovers win by a +13 goal difference.

1:52pm – Action defeated Punjab United 3-1.  Sour Patch and OKD drew 1-1.  We’ll have an update of who goes through in a few seconds…

1:48pm – Hustler are being absolutely dismantled by FC Catalans… 9-0 with seconds to go.  (NOT A TYPO – it REALLY is NINE to ZERO.)

1:30pm – We’ve got Mess, Lady Lynx, Markham, Scarborough Azzurri, Rebels and GS United advancing to the quarter-finals; Mess & Lady Lynx receive a bye to the Semi’s as the top two group winners.

1:16pm – Battery is running a bit low, so we’re charging the Macbook for a few minutes – in the interim, follow along with our Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/BramptonSoccer

1:08pm – Lady Cougar’s keeper just pulled off the best save I’ve seen all day as she robbed Scarborough’s #11.

1:05pm – Someone should point out to the Lady Cougars that in a money tournament, a bit more tenacity is required.  Just dangling a leg in every now and again won’t win or retain possession.

1:03pm – Scarborough Azzurri seem to have the bit between their teeth and are taking the game to the Lady Cougars – the Cougars just seem a bit ‘green’ or ‘youthful’.  Missing a bit of grit.  As the game progesses though, they seem to be finding their feet and a bit of steel.

12:58pm – Lady Lynx defeat the Rebels 1-0.  Quick update, I hadn’t missed a goal in Mess’ 5-0 victory over MCM like I thought I had – the match was 5-0 but there was a score keeping error which caused the misunderstanding.

12:58pm – Rebels’ Laura Piazza strikes one just over the crossbar in the final minute… …only seconds remaining.

12:57pm – Rebels down 1-0 to the Lady Lynx with a minute to go.  They’re pressing for the equalizer.

12:56pm – GS United and Woodbridge draw 0-0 to set up an interesting tie breaker scenario – more info as results come in.

12:51pm – Moscato just assisted the 4th & 5th goals in Mess’ route of MCM – currently the tally is at 5-1 with 2 minutes to go. (The 5th goal was actually assisted with a clever little insole back-heel across the box.  Very well done.)

12:45pm – Mess’ dominance is so thorough that the match looks almost uneventful.  Mess regularly cut a swath through the MCM defense to have a strike or two on goal.

12:44pm – Mess, who could be nicknamed ‘Team Canada’ with it’s national team kits and national team rostered player (Carmelina Moscato) have a commanding 3-0 lead over MCM Ladies.

12:31pm – FC Catalans / Punjab Hurricanes finishes 2-1.  Definitely the top picks of the group.  I’ve heard rumblings that Action is fantastic but have failed to see one of their matches.

12:28pm – Miodrag booked for a foul.  Catalans up 2-0 with just over a minute to go.

12:22pm – Catalans v Punjab Hurricanes is intense – very tight match, equal possession, but Catalans have a slight edge and are now up 2-0.  (I admit I missed the goal though.)

12:19pm – Nick Miodrag get’s a quick release from his team mate after defending a free kick.  His break away leads to a one-on-one with the keeper and Miodrag’s strike is successful.

12:10pm – FC Catalans v. Punjab Hurricanes is about to kick off – I have a feeling this may be a choice match to watch.  Same group as Hustler and X-Juice, which means that this group could have a tight finale.

12:06:pm – Reports coming in, Action 2-1 over Springdale FC.

12:05pm – Hustler’s win over X-Juice is officially 5-0.  A blow out.  X-Juice conceded 10 in 2 games which, by my estimation, is probably a Boxing Day Bonanza record.  Only not in a good way.  (Correction – not a record.  Apparently there was a team in the first ever Boxing Day tourney that were worse.  I was there, don’t know why I don’t remember.)

12:02pm – I’ve now missed Hustler’s 5th goal because I was busy making lewd gestures at Sandro Martire of FC Catalans.

12:01pm – Hustler are now up 4-0.  I’ve yet to see a goal.  Damn distractions and technical questions.

11:53am – Hustler 3-0 over X-Juice with 12:00 minutes still to go… …swear this match was 0-0 just seconds ago.  Looked away and WHAM!  3-0.

11:52am – Mystix, Brampton FC and Ball Busters have all already been eliminated & the Lady Cougars are teetering on the edge with but a single point.  Don’t think their fate resides in their own hands…

11:43am – Brampton FC shut  out again, this time by Lady Lynx.  Match finishes 2-0.  (Both Lady Lynx goals  scored by Alyscha Motterhead.)

11:35am – Lady Lynx take a 2-0 lead over Brampton FC with a stunning solo goal;  collecting the ball on the right, slipping past a player and popping the ball into the top corner.  That’s what sublime goals are made of.  First time today there’s been any ‘oooohhhh-ing’ from the crowd.

11:29am – Once again caught out at the back, Brampton FC concede their first after a nice finish from Lady Lynx.

11:27am – Paula Riddle, isolated after Lady Lynx break in a two-0n-one against Brampton FC, pulls off an incredible save.

11:26am – Lady Lynx have the impetus, pinning Brampton FC into their own end.

11:22am – Finally getting around to watching a full match – Brampton FC v. Lady Lynx.  3 minutes in and it’s 0-0.

11:07am – Meanwhile, back on Field D Rebels (last Easter’s champs) are running away with the match as they hold the lion’s share of the possession and hold a solid 2-0 lead.

11:06am – Results being reported in, Woodbridge thump Mystix 4-0.

11:01am – Back to the ladies matches and the Rebels have already taken a 1-0 lead.

10:57am – Greek export, Stavros Badunas, nets twice for FC Catalans as they trounce X-Juice 5-0 in their tournament opener.  Needless to say, it appears the match was heavily one sided.

10:31am – User error, user error, user error, user error… ….geez Pete!

10:26am – Getting set to watch the FC Catalans v. X-Juice in a Bottle match… …should be good.

10:05am – We’re back… ….just when we start to bitch about our system, turns out our indestructible system is fine and it was user error.  (Nice one Pete!)

9:58am – Looks as though the Live Blog is going to be uneventful – our database is acting up and we’ve got to get it fixed so that the standings calculate properly… …stay tuned.

9:37am – Rebels have the impetus and while finishing was a bit lax for the first 5 (after multiple chances) they finally net one off the post.  1-0 to the Rebels over Brampton FC.

9:34am – Watching the Brampton FC v Rebels game… …it’s a tentative start.

9:30am – Lady Lynx defeat Ball Busters 1-0.

9:27am – first matches completed (and I’ve yet to watch more than a kick, this is BS)… …GS United defeat Mystix 2-0 and MCM Ladies draw 0-0 with Lady Cougars.

9:25am – First round of games finishing up before we even get our first entry in;  no we’re not slacking, it’s a highly ‘technical’ day with the standings display in the lobby, couple that with some wifi issues and it’s clear why the first entry is so long into the day.

12:00am – It’s midnight and all the prep work is done… …9 hours to kick off.  See you all in the AM.  (If you’ve still got unregistered players, check your emails and use the link provided to make sure all participants on your team are registered.)

The 2010 Boxing Day Bonanza Live Blog will begin between 7:30-8:00 AM on December 26th, 2010… …any updates or vital information will be posted, as it becomes available, on “…90 Perfect Minutes…” and will be linked to on this Live Blog.  Check back often so as to avoid missing out on any important information.

Round Robin Matches
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
9:00 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) GS United 2 0 Mystix 201001
9:05 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) MCM Ladies 0 0 Lady Cougars 201013
9:10 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Lady Lynx 1 0 Ball Busters 201031
9:25 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Woodbridge 0 3 Markham 201002
9:30 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Scarborough Azzurri 0 1 Mess 201014
9:35 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Rebels 1 0 Brampton FC 201032
9:50 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Action 2 0 100 Colts 201003
9:55 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Sour Patch 0 1 Rovers 201015
10:00 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Hustler 1 2 Punjab Hurricanes 201033
10:15 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Punjab United 3 0 Springdale FC 201004
10:20 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) OKD 0 0 Punjab City 201016
10:25 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) FC Catalans 5 0 X-Juice 201034
10:40 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Mystix 0 4 Woodbridge 201005
10:45 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Mess 4 0 Lady Cougars 201017
10:50 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Ball Busters 0 2 Rebels 201035
11:05 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Markham 1 1 GS United 201006
11:10 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Scarborough Azzurri 1 0 MCM Ladies 201018
11:15 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Brampton FC 0 2 Lady Lynx 201036
11:40 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Springdale FC 1 2 Action 201007
11:45 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Rovers 1 0 OKD 201019
11:50 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Hustler 5 0 X-Juice 201037
12:05 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) 100 Colts 1 0 Punjab United 201008
12:10 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Punjab City 1 3 Sour Patch 201020
12:15 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Punjab Hurricanes 1 2 FC Catalans 201038
12:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Woodbridge 0 0 GS United 201009
12:35 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Mess 5 0 MCM Ladies 201021
12:40 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Lady Lynx 1 0 Rebels 201039
12:55 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Markham 1 0 Mystix 201010
01:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Lady Cougars 0 1 Scarborough Azzurri 201022
01:05 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Brampton FC 1 1 Ball Busters 201040
01:20 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) Action 3 1 Punjab United 201011
01:25 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Sour Patch 1 1 OKD 201023
01:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) FC Catalans 9 0 Hustler 201041
01:45 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(B) 100 Colts 1 0 Springdale FC 201012
01:50 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Rovers 2 1 Punjab City 201024
01:55 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) X-Juice 1 4 Punjab Hurricanes 201042
Quarter Finals
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
02:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Markham 1 0 GS United 201025
02:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Scarborough Azzurri 0 3 Rebels 201043
03:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Rovers 0 2 Sour Patch 201026
03:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Punjab Hurricanes 3 2 100 Colts 201044
Semi Finals
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
03:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Mess 1 0 Rebels 201027
03:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Lady Lynx 2 1 Markham 201045
04:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) FC Catalans 3 1 Sour Patch 201028
04:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Action 3 0 Punjab Hurricanes 201046
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
05:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Mess 1 2 (ET) Lady Lynx 201029
05:45 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) FC Catalans 2 (1) 2 (2) Action 201030