2011 Easter EGGstravaganza (LIVE BLOG)

2011 Easter EGGstravaganza Champions:
Women’s: G.S. United – MVP: Keyla Moreno
Men’s: Nero Angulo Valdez – MVP: Kingsley Salazar

LIVE BLOG: (Standings & Schedule are visible at the bottom of this page.)

6:20pm – We’re signing off now – see you on Boxing Day….

6:12pm – It’s over, Nero Angulo Valdez are the 2011 Easter Eggstravaganza Men’s Champions.  Congrats.

6:10pm – Daniel Veiros scores again – Nero Angulo Valdez lead 3-0 seconds to go!

6:09pm – Referee is currently diffusing a scuffle after a hefty challenge on the touchline.  The ball was already out and the scuffle resulted from Daniel Veiros almost stepping on someone.

6:08pm – A minute later and Daniel Veiros scores for Nero Angulo Valdez who now lead 2-0.

6:07pm – DASHAUN WATSON, remember the name becaue he just smashed a ball past Lawrence Addo putting Nero Angulo Valdez 1-0 up with 3 minutes to go!

5:55pm – 1st half ends 0-0.  Second half has already kicked off.  That was a quick break.

5:38pm – Action vs. Nero Angulo Valdez has started – we’ll update stats here but for a detailed minute-by-minute follow along on the Brampton Soccer twitter stream:  http://twitter.com/BramptonSoccer

5:33pm – Mariam el Masri hits the post in the dying seconds but GS United retain the 2-1 lead – the match has ended and GS United are the new BAS Easter Eggstravaganza Women’s Champions.

5:30pm – Kayla DeSouza pulls one back for West Rouge after some good work by Odia Jahuially.  GS United still lead 2-1.)

5:23pm – Keyla Morena manages a brace and puts GS United 2-0 up over West Rouge after some intricate interplay between Jackie Furtado and herself.

5:15pm – Half time – GS United still lead 1:0 over West Rouge.

5:04pm – We will update stats (goals, bookings, etc…) here but for a minute by minute follow our twitter stream at http://twitter.com/BramptonSoccer

5:03pm – GS United take an early lead at about the 10 minute mark with a goal from Keyla Moreno.

5:01pm – The finals are now set, GS United vs. West Rouge for the women and Action vs. Nero Angulo Valdez for the men.  These were the opening match ups for all 4 of these teams this morning and both of the bouts ended in 0-0 draws.

4:51pm – PCC take their 5th, hit the post and the ball comes off the keeper and heads in BUT, Lawrence Addo, the Boxing Day MVP, grabs onto it and keeps the penalty out.  Action advance 5-4.

4:51pm – Action score their 5th, it’s now 5-4.

4:51pm – PCC’s 4th, count it. 4-4.

4:50pm – Action’s 4th is in.  4-3.

4:50pm – PCC’s third is also IN.  We’re at 3-3.

4:49pm – Action’s third is IN.  3-2.

4:49pm – PCC score their second – 2-2.

4:49pm – Mark Burns scores Action’s second.  2-1.

4:48pm – PCC score their first – 1-1 penalties.

4:48pm – Diego Gonzales scores Actions 1st penalty.

4:46pm – Match ends 1-1 – we’re off to penalties for the second consecutive match.

4:37pm – Action’s #3 scores.  We’re level at 1-1.

4:33pm – PCC still lead despite an open goal opportunity for Action’s Diego Gonzales after a square ball by Mark Burns.

4:27pm – PCC’s #11 scores what may be the goal of the tournament as a long ball bounced behind him, off his backside, which he then allowed to cross in front of him only to then chip the Action keeper, Lawrence Addo, with the outside of his weaker foot.  PCC lead 1-0.

4:23pm – Action’s #20 seems to have suffered a serious injury after a collision with PCC’s keeper.

4:18pm – Action v PCC about to kick off.

4:13pm – Nero Angulo have scored their 4th attempt an as Argentina have only one kicker left, it ends 4-2.

4:12pm – Argentina hit the post – 3-2 for Nero Angulo.  If Nero Angulo score their 4th, it’s over…

4:12pm – Nero Angulo also score their third, 3-2.

4:11pm – Argentina scores their third – 2-2.

4:10pm – Nero Angulo score their second. 2-1

4:09pm – Argentina score their second attempt.  It’s 1-1.

4:08pm – Nero Angulo Valdez score their first.

4:07pm – Nero Angulo Valdez keeper saves Rodrigo Quirogoa’s penalty.

4:00pm – Both teams end with only 4 on the field as each side has a player booked for two minutes (yellows) – the match ends 0-0 and off to penalties, but not before a Nero Angulo Valdez player is sent off after the buzzer for arguing and abusing the game official.  Ill advised decision.  On to penalties.

3:54pm – Nero Angulo Valdez’ keeper likes to play very high up the pitch – wondering if that will be their undoing.

3:51pm – 10 minutes to go and the attacking impetus still sits with Argentina.  Nero Angulo Valdez defending well though and occasionally hitting with intelligent counter attacks.

3:44pm – After 7 minutes Argentina seem to be the team with more forward momentum while Nero Angulo Valdez defend competently.

3:32pm – Kick off between Argentina and Nero Angulo Valdez to follow shortly.

3:29pm – West Rouge have advanced with their 1:0 win over the Rebels and will be squaring off against GS United in the final.

3:27pm – Rebels still down 1:0 to West Rouge – they’re finally pressing but West Rouge are steadfast in their defense of goal. Seconds to go…

3:16pm – A long time coming but West Rouge have broken the deadlock in their match with the Rebels and now lead 1:0.

2:57pm – GS United win 2:0 while never looking threatened by Markham.  A very disappointing match.

2:46pm – Markham really aren’t showing themselves in this match.

2:38pm – GS United now up 2:0; Markham need to pick it up and make a game of this and there’s plenty of time to do it.

2:32pm – GS United and Markham have now kicked off.  Less than 2 minutes in and GS United are up 1:0.

2:18pm – El Nacional end their final match with a 3-1 result over the Toronto Kodiaks.  Unfortunately both teams go home.

2:03pm – Nero Angulo Valdez defeat Digsy 2:1 and advance as the 2nd place team in Group D.

1:54pm – Digsy take a surprise lead 1-0.  Seconds later Nero Angulo Valdez equalize from the penalty spot.

1:53pm – Argentina and PCC played out to a scoreless draw. Both teams advance.

1:39pm – The late winner by Mark Burns sends UBD Men packing despite a spirited last few minutes.  Good display from both sides.

1:35pm – Mark Burns may have put an end to any hopes UBD Men had as he scores for Action making it 1:0 with just over 2 and a half minutes to go.

1:32pm – UBD Men v. Action still deadlocked at 0-0 with 5 minutes to go.  It’s an intense defensive match.

1:30pm – West Rouge defeated Barrie Ballers 2:1 and advance to the semis to face the Rebels.  GS United advance as group C leaders and will face Markham in the other semi-final.

1:18pm – West Rouge lead 2:0 over Barrie Ballers with just over 5 minutes to go.

1:14pm – Markham win 2:0 over UBD Women and advance as 2nd place in Group D.

1:06pm – Markham now lead UBD Women 2:0.

1:05pm – GS United defeated Lions 2:0 – so they will be advancing but we have to wait for West Rouge vs. Barrie Ballers to end to know exactly who they play in the semis.

12:56pm – Markham lead UBD Women 1-0 after only 2 minutes…  UBD will have to pick it up if they want to play spoiler.

12:51pm – Rebels win 4-1 with another goal with only 27 seconds remaining.

12:46pm – Jets bring it back one and a minute later it’s another for the Rebels.  3-1 with 1:30 to go.

12:35pm – Argentina have defeated Toronto Kodiaks 2-0 taking their record to 2-0-0.

12:32pm – Rebels lead the Jets 2-0 early on their final group game.

12:24pm – Nero Angulo Valdez score with 17 seconds to go thus defeating UBD Men 1-0.  Intense finish to a cautious game.

12: 23pm – UBD Men v Nero Angulo Valdez is now end to end stuff with only a minute to go.

12:15pm – The momentum slightl shifting as UBD Men start to attack … …wait, Nero Angulo Valdez now on the attack – but the strike goes wide.

12:11pm – Result just in from Field C – 2:2 final between PCC and El Nacional.

12:06pm – Nero Angulo Valdez have kicked off against UBD – should be interesting to see this match as it could identify how the group will pan out.

12:00pm – Action trounced Digsy 7-0 – Final Score.  (Yes, I do feel ‘trounced’ is justified in a 7-0… …in a 20 minute game.)

12:00pm – sorry… …was eating pizza, I’m entitled.  Don’t judge me….

11:46am – The Action/Digsy score looks as though it should be a great deal more than 2-0 in favour of Action.

11:44am – Lions defeated Barrie Ballers 1:0.  Barrie look set for an exit after 2 losses.

11:42am – Action seemed to have hit their stride – 4 minutes in and their already 2:0 up on Digsy.

11:35am – Just checked in on Field C and can report that Lions are leading Barrie Ballers 1:0.

11:28am – UBD Women 1:3 Jets – Final Score.

11:24am – Jets now lead 3-1 after their #15 scores a good solo effort that she crafted herself with a series of step-overs.

11:20am – The UBD v. Jets match seems to have plateaued – not really looking as though much else will happen… …UBD need to pull this back – a draw at least.

11:16am – Jets are now controlling the game rather comfortably. (Under 10 minutes to go.)

11:12am – UBD Women end their 4 game (maybe more) scoring slump going up 1-0 only to then quickly concede 2 goals to Jets putting them 2-1 down.

11:05am – Back on Field D, Jets prepare to face off against UBD Women – both teams having lost their first match… it’s do or die either way.

11:04am – Popped over to Field C at the perfect moment as a West Rouge strike managed to hit both posts and stay out in their match against GS United.

11:00am – Rebels win 1:0 against Markham.

10:59am – Last minute goal by Rebels puts them in the lead with seconds to go now.

10:48am – Rebels v. Markham has kicked off – looking fairly even thus far.

10:47am – PCC defeated Toronto Kodiaks 1:0.

10:37am – Final score for UBD Men is 3:0 over Digsy FC.

10:33am – After narrowly missing a 3-0 lead by hitting the post – UBD immediately come back up the field manage to get their third goal – UBD Men 3:0 over Digsy with 1:30 to go.

10:31am – UBD Men now lead 2-0 over Digsy FC.

10:27am – Nope, he’s fine.

10:27am – Looks like a serious injury to one of UBD’s players.  Collided with the keeper on a break.

10:22am – Was just told that Argentina’s Rodrigo Quiroga scored a brace to lead them to a 2:0 victory over El Nacional over on Field C.

10:21am – UBD Men now lead Digsy FC 1:0.

10:14am – Digsy FC all set to take on UBD Men… seconds to go until kick-off.

10:10am – Action 0:0 Nero Angulo Valdez.  Highlight of the match was the tough defensive effort put forth by both sides.

10:03am – The Action v. Nero Angulo Valdez match is proving to be a bit of a dead rubber as it sits at 0-0 with 5 minutes remaining.  Both sides seem to be cancelling one another out.

9:57am – GS United 1:0 over Barrie Ballers (news just in from field C).

9:50am – Boxing Day Bonanza Champions, Action, have just kicked off against Nero Angulo Valdez (who, while having the longest name may have the shortest combined height.

9:49am – We’re either having technical difficulties or… …or I don’t know.  It shouldn’t be this difficult.

9:44am – Markham win 2-1 – but Jets did manage to make the final third of the match rather interesting.  Look forward to seeing more of both of these teams.

9:40am – Just got word from field C that West Rouge defeated Lions 2:0.

9:39am – Markham now reeling slightly, tripping over each other and soaking up pressure; where was this Jets team, looking strong in the closing minutes, for the first 15 minutes of this round 1 match-up?

9:38am – Jets have just made things interesting bringing the score back to 2-1; we’ve got 5 minutes left in this match.

9:33am – After a series of quick head-fakes, Markham #8 rounds her opponent and smashes a ball into the far post.  2:0 Markham.

9:31am – Seeing a lot of short, quick, technically gifted, wing-back type defenders on the women’s teams this year.  To great effect as well – it’s these smaller, skillful defenders that seem to be the key bodies in both games thus far.

9:27am – Markham lead 1:0 only 3 minutes in.  A quick rally from Jets is required although, thus far, nothing in the match has indicated they’re going to be able to do it.  And just as I type that, Markham #16 is robbed of their second goal by Jets’ keeper after a clear cut break-away.

9:24am – The Jets v. Markham match has kicked off and the Jets have started off with a great deal of pressure.

9:16am – A simple 2-on-1 and the Rebels go up 2:0 over UBD after a cool finish from Rebels #13.

9:14am – Rebels look as though they could score at any second as UBD’s defenders and keeper continually manage last ditch blocks in front of their own goal.

9:12am – Don’t forget that you can follow along via twitter at http://twitter.com/BramptonSoccer

9:09am – Rebels off to a good start leading UBD Women 1:0 with just under 10 minutes to go.

9:00 am – …and we’re off… …Rebels vs. UBD Women has started.

8:56am – 4 minutes to the first kick off…

The 2011 Easter EGGstravaganza Live Blog will begin between 8:00-8:30 AM on April 22nd, 2011… …any updates or vital information will be posted, as it becomes available, on “…90 Perfect Minutes…” and will be linked to on this Live Blog. Check back often so as to avoid missing out on any important information.

Rank Team GP W L D GF GA +/- CS FTS FPI Streak CPG PTS Last 5 (newest left)
Rank Team GP W L D GF GA +/- CS FTS FPI Streak CPG PTS Last 5 (newest left)

Rank Team GP W L D GF GA +/- CS FTS FPI Streak CPG PTS Last 5 (newest left)
Rank Team GP W L D GF GA +/- CS FTS FPI Streak CPG PTS Last 5 (newest left)

Round Robin Matches
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
09:00 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Rebels 2 0 UBD (Women) 20119001
09:10 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Lions 0 2 West Rouge 20119013
09:25 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Jets 1 2 Markham 20119002
09:35 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) G.S. United 1 0 Barrie Ballers 20119014
09:50 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Action 0 0 Nero Angulo Valdez 20119003
10:00 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Argentia 2 0 El Nacional 20119015
10:15 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Digsy FC 0 3 UBD (Men) 20119004
10:25 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) PCC 1 0 Toronto Kodiaks 20119016
10:40 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Rebels 1 0 Markham 20119005
10:50 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) West Rouge 0 0 G.S. United 20119017
11:05 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) UBD (Women) 1 3 Jets 20119006
11:15 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Lions 1 0 Barrie Ballers 20119018
11:40 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Digsy FC 0 7 Action 20119007
11:50 am Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) El Nacional 2 2 PCC 20119019
12:05 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Nero Angulo Valdez 1 0 UBD (Men) 20119008
12:15 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Toronto Kodiaks 0 2 Argentina 20119020
12:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Jets 1 4 Rebels 20119009
12:40 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Lions 0 2 G.S. United 20119021
12:55 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Markham 2 0 UBD (Women) 20119010
01:05 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) West Rouge 2 1 Barrie Ballers 20119022
01:20 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) UBD (Men) 0 1 Action 20119011
01:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Argentina 0 0 PCC 20119023
01:45 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Nero Angulo Valdez 2 1 Digsy 20119012
01:55 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(C) Toronto Kodiaks 1 3 El Nacional 20119024
Semi Finals
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
02:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) G.S. United 2 1 Markham 20119025
03:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Rebels 0 1 West Rouge 20119026
03:30 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Argentina 0 (2) 0 (4) Nero Angulo Valdez 20119027
04:00 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Action 1 (5) 1 (4) PCC 20119028
Time Venue Home Score Visitor Match ID
04:40 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) G.S. United 2 1 West Rouge 20119029
05:20 pm Bramp. Soccer Cntr(D) Nero Angulo Valdez 3 0 Action 20119030