2013 Kicks For Cancer Tournament

Kicks For Cancer - New LogoThe Kicks For Cancer tournament is upon us once again and in true BAS fashion, we’re expecting a strong showing of support from our league members for this great cause.

The Kicks For Cancer tournament has, in previous years, experienced a great deal of support from BAS members, teams, players and officials and we’re hopeful and sure that this level of dedication and support for a great event and an even greater cause will continue.

The tournament spans two days, from Saturday, August 17th to Sunday, August 18th, 2013 and includes a guaranteed 3 full matches for all participating teams, with the potential for 5 matches should you reach the finals.

Registration is only $30.00 per person.  So visit the Kicks For Cancer site at www.cancer.ca/kicksforcancer and get yourself registered.  After that, all you’re required to do is have fun, play soccer and do a bit of fundraising before the tournament.

Alternatively, you can visit the Kicks For Cancer Facebook Page and learn a bit more about the tournament before you register.

Brampton Adult Soccer was recently sent a letter of recognition from the Canadian Cancer Society for our repeated participation in the Kicks For Cancer tournament and since most everyone reading this will most likely be a registered member of BAS, we feel that you should all have access to this letter as well.  It is your participation in BAS and in the Kicks For Cancer tournament that makes this all as positive an experience as it is.

2013 Kicks For Cancer - Front

2013 Kicks For Cancer - Back

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