Add ‘’ to your iPhone/iPod Touch/Android as an icon

As of today – we’ve added a feature to that allows you to add an App-like icon to the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPod touch or Android-based smartphone.

We recommend adding as a short-cut, however, if you prefer, you can navigate to a page you visit regularly, like your standings or schedule page.  It’s ultimately up to you.

1. The first step is to open your iPhone/iPod Touch’s Safari browser.  Once you’ve opened your browser, type “” into the address field and let the page fully load.  Once the page has loaded, there is a button at the bottom of the screen that brings up several options.  Tap that button.  (Button is indicated by a red circle in the image below.)

Viewing in Safari

2. After you’ve selected the option menu as outlined above, a screen will slide up with a series of options.  Tap second option which is “Add To Home Screen”.

BAS on your Home Screen

3. When you select “Add To Home Screen” a third page will load in it’s place that allows you to do two things;  first, you type in a name that will display underneath the icon and then you simply tap “Add” as indicated in the attached image.  As soon as you’ve tapped the “Add” button you will be taken to your iPhone/iPod Touch Home Screen with the icon on it.  By default, it places the icon as the last one on all of your Home Screens.(That’s if you have multiples.)

Change the name and add the icon.

And that’s about all there is to it.  You can use standard iPhone/iPod Touch procedures to move the icon around and organize your screens the way you like them organized.  Our stats show us that a large number of visitors that come to the site are coming from their iPhone’s so we figured this would be a great little time saver for all of you.

Other URLs you may want to add:

Detailed instructions on how to add a shortcut to your Android.

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