Q2 Board of Directors Agenda Items

The following New Business tabled for March 1, 2017 for consideration by Board of Directors

  1. Referee survey of availability —  proposed by President
  2. Do BAS Cup same way we did Boxing Day ($100 refundable entry fee).  —   proposed by President
  3. Jewelry FITBITS Casts, etc. discussion   —   proposed by Registrar
  4. New ID reviewed by Registrar Meeting for ALL OWSL and OSL teams   —   proposed by Registrar
  5. Discussion for possible convenor for COED Fridays   —   proposed by Registrar
  6. Social item for teams – MONTANAS   —   proposed by Social Director
  7. Boxing Day Recap   —    proposed by Tournament Director
  8. OWSL outstanding items  — proposed by Vice President
  9. Referee preseason meeting — proposed by Secretary
  10. Discussion on multi ref system for indoor — proposed by Registrar

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