Summer 2017 Registration

BAS Summer Soccer

BAS is proud to announce our 2017 Summer Registration, our 10th consecutive session without a fee increase.


  • Coed Rec (Thursdays)


  • Men’s Rec (Sundays)
  • Men’s 35+ (Sunday AM)
  • Women’s Rec (Fridays)

For other important details, visit the upcoming sessions section of our main site.

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9 Responses to “Summer 2017 Registration”

  1. FIFA16 says:


    this is a very helpful web site!

  2. FFXIV Gil says:

    FFXIV Gil

    Your company is very impressive .

  3. Tylarruda says:

    Hello, a friend and I want to join a team for the Men’s Rec (Sundays) this summer, but I don’t know how to register on the Facebook page. Where and how do I register? When I click on sign up I am just taken to the BAS site again and again. I would really appreciate any and all help.

  4. national defence says:

    How do I register as a individual player. Looking to join the mens 35+ league?