The Boys In Company C – Movie Review

The Boys In Company C

"It's like Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, but on coke."

“The Boys in Company C”

We don’t do these nearly often enough, but we’ll try to keep up with what’s out there more often.  The movie we’re reviewing here is minimally about soccer – but it does use soccer as the inevitable climax point that determines what we all perceive to be the future outcome of the characters once the movie’s over.  So if you watch soccer related movies because you’d like to see some stunning soccer cinematography, then this isn’t the film for you.  The skill on display isn’t anything to marvel at, the way it’s depicted and presented is even poorer and even the approach to the sport itself is one that will have any real fanatic cringing.  (No, you MAY NOT play football in your US Marine Corps, standard issue, combat boots!)  

That doesn’t, however, mean that this isn’t a good movie.  If you’ve seen Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” then imagine seeing it again, only you’re on coke, the screenwriter re-wrote it on coke, the editors edited on coke, the director was on coke and the guy in the projection booth at the theatre, he’s on coke too and keeps fiddling with the little speed dials… …also, the annoying dude talking on his phone during the movie, he’s on more coke than everyone else.  (Don’t do drugs, they’re bad for you.)

Even the boot camp drill sergeant, supposedly playing an entirely different character than he did in the Kubrick film, appears as though he was hand picked by Kubrick to play his role because of his part in “The Boys in Company C”.  It’s actually uncanny.

To be fair “The Boys in Company C” was released before “Full Metal Jacket” and I really just suggest you watch it IF you like both, anything with soccer in it and Full Metal Jacket because FMJ is the better known and critically acclaimed film.

I re-iterate though, this is not an opus to the beauty of soccer; it’s vulgar, violent, angry and the soccer on display is painful to watch – despite all that, it’s actually a pretty good film.

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