Victory – Movie Review

Escape To Victory

You know, looking at the cover, I guess we could have guessed that Pele would end up endorsing Viagra.

Victory (Escape To Victory)

Pele does more than “wow” you with his sublime skills.  Pele protects the world from zee Germans!

Victory (or “Escape to Victory” as it was known in Europe) is a football film from the 80’s set in the WWII era that pits Allied POWs (prisoners of war) against their Nazi captors in a thrilling football match.  I guess I should mention that Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and Max Von Sydow star in this movie but ultimately they’re inconsequential in the presence of Pele (THE Pele), Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles and others…  The ’80/’81 Ipswich Town team was used as fill-ins for other players and some of their bigger names were used as ‘football-doubles’ for Stallone and Caine in their actual football scenes.  

If you haven’t ever seen this film about the WWII era, produced during the paranoid American Cold War era, or just haven’t seen it in a long while, do yourself a favour by getting a copy and watching it.  (If for no other reason than to purge the idea of Pele hawking Viagra to the globe.)

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  1. BAS Admin says:

    Interesting bit is that Stallone plays a Canadian in this flick.