BAS OWSL Team Wins 2013 League Cup


Back row: Paula Tavares (Head Coach), Jennifer Brock, Harwant Grewal, Meghan Carter, Kimberly Beckles, Rupy Mundi, Norman Ficker (Asst. Coach) and Mario Perrotta (Asst. Coach)
Middle row: Anna Matwijec (Manager), Emilee Barrington, Danica Barnes, Alyssa Budhoo, Kim Lee, Jayme Wright, Cristina Moonah and Liz Figueira
Front row: Jessica Fletcher and Cristina Fernandes (Keeper)
Absent Players: Jasjit Birk, Kim Mizener, Christine Travassos and Raquel Alto

The 10:00 am semi final game against U21 Oakville MJD Team was challenging with only 12 players available to play the game. Liz Figueira fought her way through two defenders for the first BAS goal, at half the score was 1-0 for BAS. The Oakville team scored two goals very late in the second half, but the BAS team was determined not to give up; with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game, Jessica Fletcher worked hard down the field with her team mates for the tying goal. The game ended in a 2-2 tie and went directly to penalty kicks. Our penalty kickers were: Jessica Fletcher, Alyssa Budhoo, Meghan Carter, Kimberly Beckles, and Liz Figueira; all 5 penalty kickers were calm and looked confident when approaching the penalty marker and the keeper Cristina Fernandes saved an attempt; as a result BAS won the penalty kicks, 5-3 to move on to the finals.

The 1:00 pm finals were played against U21 Woodbridge Strikers MJD Team and with an injury to Jessica Fletcher late in the first game, we called Jennifer Brock as a substitute. The BAS team came out at the start of the game with the energy required to get them through. Emilee Barrington scored a brilliant goal late in the first half for a 1-0 lead. It took the BAS team defending and holding off the young U21 Woodbridge Strikers team for the entire second half with every ounce of energy that the players had left and a lot of heart in the blistering mid afternoon heat to finish the game. Late in the second half there was a scramble in the 6 yard box and Cristina Fernandes kept her eye on the ball and made a game saving save to keep the lead. At the 90th minute the score remained 1-0 for BAS.

The Head Coach Paula Tavares, Assistant Coaches Norman Ficker and Mario Perrotta and the team Manager Anna Matwijec are proud of the team effort and determination to win League Cup this year.

Congratulations to all the players for winning all 5 games and becoming the 2013 MJD League Cup championships.

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